Saturday, April 16, 2011

Updated:'s Hours of Operation

"What, who closes their online store?"
Not us, that's for sure! But the hours we see clients (for web sites, designing (logos, etc.), and printing is only from
  • 10am - 2pm Mon. - Thurs.
  • Fridays are CLOSED for printing and
  • Saturdays are CLOSED for shipping, and, of course,
  • Sundays are CLOSED just because!
Because Friday is our printing day, all designs are posted at least ONE WEEK prior to print.  It is SO VERY IMPORTANT that you place BY MONDAY 5pm Utah Time of the scheduled print job! 

FridayClosed for Printing
SaturdayClosed for Shipping

We see clients by appointments only in person. You can schedule an appointment with us by checking our Work Schedule to see if we're available, then by contacting any one of us:

Jasmyn "Faga" Nuga
cel: 801-400-9547

Fokz Nuga
cel: 808-250-8396

Customer Service:

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. We look forward to serving you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank You Suamataia's

The Suamataia's (Leroy, Tamara, Talia, and Kingsley) are on their way to Laie for Spring Break today.  They were able to take a few minutes to send us some pictures of their shirts...

Mahalo Plenty and have fun in Hawaii for da rest of us!


We're so happy that we were able to get some kid sizes in LAIESTRONG!  We currently have black youth sizes and North Carolina Blue in adult TALL sizes.  We will print in black for adults probably this or next week.  But you can order either at!  Oh, and before I sign off, we will print four other designs this week, three of which are "Spi's" (Daniel Tapusoa) designs.


My Bubbi doin what he do best, LAIE BOYZ SO'O!

Nah, thanks Sega for posing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parkside Designs Needs Your Help!

Because this week is a 'New & Improved' week, we've decided to update designs for everyone-- little girls included.  This design will go on pink shirts (other colors will be available too) on the upper-left front corner.  (SO CUTE!)  I'm sure your little ones are going love 'em!  There's just one problem, we can't decide if we're going to do "laie girl" in the same color as "little" (light blue) or if we're printing it white.

Please let us know what you think, we'd appreciate it!  First 10 to post their comments on here (the blog) will receive ONE free little laie girl shirt for their little girl.


Thank you for your continued LOVE and support!  All designs should be done no later than Saturday because I plan on giving away LOTS of free PSD stuff at my birthday party.

Have a great mid-week readers!

Faga & Fokz

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parkside Designs is UP & Running Again!

And we're back!  Sorry for the delay on your orders and on the designs.  I had to take a break from business for school and other things.  I am so excited to announce that da I and da 'Laie Store' have joined forces with da 'Manapua Girls', Carey and Summer Sa'aga, to bring 'manapua man' favorites!

You can join da 'Manapua Girls' group on facebook and stay in the loop with products, pricing, availability, and events!  We're so excited for April 15th because this will be the first day we open doors to our local folk here in Utah dying to eat Island Grindz.  Da 'Manapua Girls' don't ship out to customers but luckily, I do so get your orders in NOW 'til April 12th for a delivery date of April 15th when da 'Manapua Girls' open their doors!

I have three designs at the printing shop now, as I type this.  The first one will be a different version of "Parkside: Play Hard..."  It will be available in regular t-shirts, tall tees, hoodies, and youth sizes. (Our first ever design for kids)


The second design is of course, "LAIE STRONG".  Why Laie Strong?  Well, it's what us Laie peeps live by here in Utah being so far away from home-- the place we learned as children to support and serve others, and have compassion for our neighbor.

The third design is, "Laie Girl", just because that's how I roll.

And now, "P Street Originals" by Spi Tapusoa:

Get your's NOW while we still got 'em!

Hope you check out our new designs on our site:

Mahalo Plenty,
'Faga and Foks' (Cola's kids)

PS: Thank you for da LOVE and Support!  LAIE LOVE!!!

Visit our site to place an order:
Don't forget: da 'Manapua Girls' Island Grindz!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Parkside Designs: Pro Clubs Are On Ebay Live!

It came to me in a dream that I need to push out our Pro Clubs.  I've been getting hits from potential customers very interested in Pro Clubs.  In fact, we had our very first online store visitor today all the from the UK!  Yeehaw, we're so excited!  He says Pro Clubs are the best-fitting, and most comfortable shirts he's worn, and of course, they aren't available there.  I'm hoping to be able to open our market to our international customers some time real soon!

And yes, our Pro Clubs are on Ebay live TODAY!  I'm stoked  because our goal to improve our clientele can finally be!  Help us out by spreading the word... here's the link to our first listed item on Ebay!  You can always get it cheaper online at, of course!

Happy Week to all of you!

Love & Aloha,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Provo Lady Steelers Rugby Team Going To Vegas... Please Support!

Jenika, fellow Laie Girl and President of the Provo Lady Steelers rugby team, approached me about sponsoring shirts for their team in the 7's Tournament in Vegas.  I think it's a great idea to get our name out there and a great way to support our "Home" team, us Laie-Utahns!

Please support Jenika and her team by purchasing any one of the following designs:

T-shirts (Med-3XL): $15
Tall Tees (3XLT - 5XLT): $18
Hoodies (L-4XL): $25

We wish the Lady Steelers all the luck in the tournament, and safe travels!

Parkside Designs

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Holla at your girl if you want these Tall Tees.  We got ONLY four of 'em left!  Going... going... let me know NOW!

Faga 801-400-9547
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