Monday, January 31, 2011

Parkside Designs: Pro Clubs Are On Ebay Live!

It came to me in a dream that I need to push out our Pro Clubs.  I've been getting hits from potential customers very interested in Pro Clubs.  In fact, we had our very first online store visitor today all the from the UK!  Yeehaw, we're so excited!  He says Pro Clubs are the best-fitting, and most comfortable shirts he's worn, and of course, they aren't available there.  I'm hoping to be able to open our market to our international customers some time real soon!

And yes, our Pro Clubs are on Ebay live TODAY!  I'm stoked  because our goal to improve our clientele can finally be!  Help us out by spreading the word... here's the link to our first listed item on Ebay!  You can always get it cheaper online at, of course!

Happy Week to all of you!

Love & Aloha,

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