Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parkside Designs is UP & Running Again!

And we're back!  Sorry for the delay on your orders and on the designs.  I had to take a break from business for school and other things.  I am so excited to announce that da I and da 'Laie Store' have joined forces with da 'Manapua Girls', Carey and Summer Sa'aga, to bring 'manapua man' favorites!

You can join da 'Manapua Girls' group on facebook and stay in the loop with products, pricing, availability, and events!  We're so excited for April 15th because this will be the first day we open doors to our local folk here in Utah dying to eat Island Grindz.  Da 'Manapua Girls' don't ship out to customers but luckily, I do so get your orders in NOW 'til April 12th for a delivery date of April 15th when da 'Manapua Girls' open their doors!

I have three designs at the printing shop now, as I type this.  The first one will be a different version of "Parkside: Play Hard..."  It will be available in regular t-shirts, tall tees, hoodies, and youth sizes. (Our first ever design for kids)


The second design is of course, "LAIE STRONG".  Why Laie Strong?  Well, it's what us Laie peeps live by here in Utah being so far away from home-- the place we learned as children to support and serve others, and have compassion for our neighbor.

The third design is, "Laie Girl", just because that's how I roll.

And now, "P Street Originals" by Spi Tapusoa:

Get your's NOW while we still got 'em!

Hope you check out our new designs on our site: www.laiestore.com

Mahalo Plenty,
'Faga and Foks' (Cola's kids)

PS: Thank you for da LOVE and Support!  LAIE LOVE!!!

Visit our site to place an order: www.laiestore.com
Don't forget: da 'Manapua Girls' Island Grindz!

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