Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parkside Designs Needs Your Help!

Because this week is a 'New & Improved' week, we've decided to update designs for everyone-- little girls included.  This design will go on pink shirts (other colors will be available too) on the upper-left front corner.  (SO CUTE!)  I'm sure your little ones are going love 'em!  There's just one problem, we can't decide if we're going to do "laie girl" in the same color as "little" (light blue) or if we're printing it white.

Please let us know what you think, we'd appreciate it!  First 10 to post their comments on here (the blog) will receive ONE free little laie girl shirt for their little girl.


Thank you for your continued LOVE and support!  All designs should be done no later than Saturday because I plan on giving away LOTS of free PSD stuff at my birthday party.

Have a great mid-week readers!

Faga & Fokz


  1. I like the white- too bad the background couldn't be baby blue and the letters in white. I think the white stands out more than the blue.

  2. Light blue! White has a short shelf life...and while it goes with eberythang.....it doesn't compliment my girly figure or dark brown suka skin as well as baby blue! ;p and that's this lil' Mexican's opinion.....jus' cuz you asked....and I like one shirt for my lil' Marley! ;P A'ua!

  3. both but mj likes blue


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