Monday, September 6, 2010

Grand Opening Week...

Day 1 Sunday 9/5/2010:

Trivia Question #1: Although this man was not a member of the church, he donated loaves of bread every Sunday for sacrament to all the wards while he was open for business in Laie.

Winner: Tofamamao Taulogo Sams Store...SAM CHOY SR.

Trivia Question #2: What brother trio is involved in making the windmill spin during pop contests at Laie Park back in the 80's? It is 1233am and deadline is 1am to win a prize.

Winner: Tina Atuia WON this contest with, "The Handsome ATUAIA Brothers??? my babes.his brother before him and his brother after him!" She should get one extra point for handsome and one for babes! choohoo!!! PRICELESS

Trivia Question #3: Who were the VERY FIRST owners of the movie theatre in Laie.

Winner: Aunty Jean won this one with, "It was run by Mr. Schick in Honolulu... part of a chain of theaters in Kailua, and Honolulu."

Trivia Question #4: Across L&L in Laie, there was a small business, WHAT'S WAS THE NAME OF IT? Time 1:19am Deadline 1:30am. Post answer on LAIE STORE GROUP WALL!!!

Winner: Jasmyn Nuga Okay Ashley Solipo you win! Because I wasn't very specific on the location - across the front door of L&L (answer is Click Photo), you get a prize and I'll throw in one for da OG for playing.

Trivia Question #5: Name five men AND five women from either Class of 1984 or 1987! BONUS: if you can name all 10 from BOTH classes. Time: 138am Deadline: 2am... GOOD LUCK!!!

Winner: No winner.  You can win only ONE TIME!

Congratulations to our winners last night!  You will be able to choose from these lovely prizes (in order).  And once a prize has been chosen, it is GONE!!!  Order: @Tofamamao Taulogo, @Tina Kaahanui Atuaia, @Niue, @Ashley Solipo.

Prize A: Men's Basket: shavers, body wash, deodorant, spray, a loofa, gel, shampoo and conditioner
Donated by: I Love FREE Deals

Prize B: Womens Basket: Venus Shavers, Dove body wash, Dove deodorant, Dove shampoo & conditioner, Olay Quench Lotion, a loofa.
Donated by: I Love FREE Deals

Prize C: Original Laie Girl t-shirt & hoodie Tina Atuaia

Prize D: 1 LAIESTRONG t-shirt and 1 Ride & Die LG 4 Lyphe t-shirt Miaesha

Winners, please post a comment with your prize choice TODAY by 10pm MST. Time: 445pm


  1. i'll take prize C (xx large)

  2. Awww what a great sister in law... she chose Prize C for Divine... whose birthday is tomorrow! Happy birthday Davey. Io, make her cook all da rice for our Car Wash pot lucks and then take her prize! haha.

    Thanks Tina


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